Amherst Extensions & Beauty Salon

Our Services

We are proud to provide a variety of services to help keep your hair and skin healthy and looking great.

Weekly trips to Springfield, Ma. for the purchase of hair supplies is available for clients. A non-refundable deposit is required prior to your next appointment for the purchase of hair supplies.  

Our hairstylists will give your child  the extra special attention they deserve while getting their hair done.



Spiral Curls  $25
Cornrows  $25
Braids  $25


Adult Hair
*all prices are an introductory rate and are subject to change depending on length of hair.


Corn Rows   $50 & up
Twists  $100 & up
Box Braids  $100 & up
Micro Braids  $300
Start Dread Locks  $80 & up
Re-twist Dreadlocks  $50 first hour

Press and Curl  $50
Wash and Set  $40
Wash and Flat Iron  $40
Wash and Cut  $26
Men's Cut  $15


Up Dos  $50
Ponytail / Bun  $40
French Twist   $40
Finger Waves  $45



Sewn in Weave
 (Each Row)
Sewn in Weave (Whole Head)  $100
Sewn in Weave (Half Head)  $80
Glued in (Whole Head)  $45
Glued in (Each Row)  $5
** after the first 3 hours, $20 extra each additional hour.
Our waxing will leave your whole body smooth and soft.
Eyebrow waxing  $15
Upper Lip waxing  $10
Whole Facial waxing  $30
Arm waxing  $40
Half Leg waxing  $40

Chemical Treatments
All chemical treatments come with a free conditioning treatment as part of an breakage prevention plan.
Two Tone Color $45
Full Color $35
Highlights $35
Double Process $50
Jerry Curl $50
Texturizer  $35
Relaxers (staight) $50
Perms  (curly) $60

Please call if you will be more than 15 minutes late for your scheduled appointment, we may have to reschedule. 
No call, or no show will result in a $20 fee for your next visit